Land based Galapagos Island holidays



Land based galapagos ISLAND holidays

Being a collection of 13 main islands, boats figure strongly on most Galapagos Island holidays.  However perhaps a week’s cruise is just not right for you. Maybe your sea legs will not put up with being on a boat all the time. You certainly have another option and that is to base yourself in a hotel on one or more of the populated islands and then take day trips from here, or go island-hopping.

Below we have shown a few ideas for land based Galapagos island holidays, but we can tailor make other options for you if none of these are quite what you’re looking for.

Another idea is perhaps considering taking a short 4-day cruise then adding on some time on one of the islands for a little bit of both worlds.  Chat to us and we look forward to planning the kind of trip that is right for you.


Exploring Isabela Island

Prices from: £1,860pp for 4 nights
A chance to explore the largest of the Galapagos Islands on this 5 day island stay.

Finch Bay Hotel

Finch bay 8 day holiday

Prices from: £2,795pp for 7 nights
This land-based holiday is a good alternative to a Galapagos cruise. You have all the comforts of the hotel plus a range of guided tours taking in several islands as well as Santa Cruz.

Finch Bay Hotel

Galapagos land and sea

Prices from: £3,490pp for 5 nights
Most Galapagos holidays are either land-based or cruises, but this one combines both, all in the space of 6 days.


Galapagos Island Hopping

Prices from: £4,405pp for 6 nights
Staying on 3 different islands gives you an insight into the varied animal, marine and bird life, and meet local people and learn about the archipelago’s history.

Lava Lodge

Land Based Galapagos Holiday

Prices from: £6,385pp for 12 nights
This is a winning combination of the comforts of 4 hand-picked hotels and daily excursions by land and sea to view the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands.


Santa Cruz and Floreana

Prices from: £1,875pp for 4 nights
Exploring on land and by water, staying at an exclusive camp and a beachside lodge.


Santa Cruz and Isabela

Prices from: £1,875pp for 4 nights
A 2-centre holiday packed full of adventure, activity and fun. Swim, snorkel, walk and bike your way round different islands, all the while watching the enchanting wildlife.

walking across lava flow rock

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