“The highlight of the trip for me was our 8 day cruise aboard this magnificent schooner. We were joined by five other people which made it 7 passengers and 7 crew! The service by the crew was remarkable and we cannot fault anything; we had excellent meals served by the charming yet very entertaining Richard who would dress in full waiter tails for dinner; the room was actually larger than I had expected and was fully functional with en suite bathroom/shower which is used a lot considering all the swimming and activities we did! We had a great guide and itinerary and things were pretty much done to a timetable that seems to have been carefully planned and executed brilliantly! There were some choices to be made re hikes which we were briefed on every evening after dinner such a the excellent 16km Hike to the Sierra Negra volcano on Isabella which is a must I agree, but of course it depends on the type of traveller you are. There is also ample space on the decks to relax/sunbath and most navigation takes place in the evening after dinner, we had generally calm seas and the gentle rocking may take a bit of time to get used too but it was fine and we actually enjoyed it hugely as did the wonderful people we met on board whom we are all now in contact with :)”